I came-up with an idea in March 2014 about a 2-player handball /football type game.  Here are my initial thoughts:

  • A football style game idea (handball, footy, soccer?), where players pre-plan movements via cards.
  • Perhaps played on a grid or hex field.
  • 3-4 players in a team
  • Players have a hand of 6 possible moves or distances?
  • More movement = less accuracy in passing or shots?  Less movement = greater accuracy?
  • Players secretly choose movements for each piece and place it near the token face-down, they then reveal and move according to initiative.
  • Pieces alternate?  Attacking team goes first, defending team responds.
  • Elements like Star Wars or Attack Wing, but movement is restricted to spaces on the grid.  Passes, blocks and knockdowns are a die roll?  Each player has skills, but is affected by distance and defenders blocking.  Closer passes are easier, longer harder, proximity to other players is also a factor.
  • Trying to predict where an opponent will go.
  • Or how about a hex circle with the goal in the middle, like 1-on-1 basketball.  Attackers start outside and take a shot at the middle, defenders start inside and try to defend.
  • After a goal is scored, teams swap sides.

From this was born CyberBall.  The idea progressed quite quickly in a matter of a few hours.  But that is the easy part, the rest takes months…

The game now uses double-sided tokens (numbered 1/6 or 2/5 or 3/4).  On a turn players move one piece and perform an action (pass ball, shoot at goal, tackle opponent, pickup dropped ball).  The piece then flips to the alternate side.

Players alternate taking a one turn at a time until the game ends.

In order to succeed at the Action, players consult the upward face and roll a dice.  The result need be above, or below depending on the task being attempted.

Movement = up to the current facing (flip afterwards)

For Passing – the player must roll equal or below the current facing

For Shooting – the player must roll equal or above the current facing

For Tackling – both players add their current face to a die roll.  Whichever player scores lowest strips or retains the ball.

Picking-up a dropped ball – the player must NOT roll the current facing to succeed.

The board is a large hexagonal arena comprised of smaller hexes with a goal hex in the centre.

The aim of the game is to sore 5 goals before your opponent does.


Also included are Tactics Cards which players may use to change the result of a throw or a tackle or influence play at various stages of the game.


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