My name isn’t really Anomander – he is a character form one of my favourite books, but I’ve used the name soo often is so many places now, it’s kinda stuck.

I am a middle-aged man living in Sydney, Australia who often feels passionate about politics, social issues and the direction our society is heading.

Occasionally, if something affronts or confronts me, or a moment of inspiration strikes, I like to write things down – here.  Hopefully, you find them amusing or informative.  Let me know – I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts too.  Except of course if you’re going to be nasty or abusive, then I’ll simply delete your post.  I have no intention of arguing with trolls.

My other obsession is board games and I am an aspiring board game designer.

I have game designs constantly flooding through my head 24 hours a day and have a number of games in development and in various states of completion.  Some are very good, most are very average.

Like most aspiring designers, I would love to one day see my games published, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m still happy enjoying the creativity involved in the design process.

I like games with a strong theme, so most of my games tend to be quite thematic, which limits me, somewhat.  I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other designers and testers, but most of all, I gain my greatest pleasure and joy from watching other people play my games and enjoying themselves.

If you’re interested, please see my Game Design page where I list some of my games.


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