Can we really afford three more years of the Coalition?

Prior to the Abbott/Turnbull government being elected;

  • We had sailed through the GFC relatively untouched
  • We had an economy that was a powerhouse and the envy of the world
  • We had started the transition toward a cleaner, safer future with a price on carbon
  • We had strong investment going into renewables
  • We upheld scientific consensus and saw science as a path to a brighter future
  • We placed a tax on dirty polluters and destructive tax-avoiding miners
  • We had commenced work on a world class NBN
  • We worked toward better, more equitable education through the Gonski plan
  • and we were on track to creating a fairer society through the NDIS.


But in just three short years… our nation is fast headed toward a dystopian future;

  • Extremists think-tanks write and dictate government policy
  • The world now sees us as inhumane, cruel, intolerant and racist rednecks
  • Our leaders tell us blatant lies while rorting public funds and lining their own pockets with corrupt money
  • Our international reputation has been besmirched and ridiculed
  • Our leaders have shamed us on the world stage
  • Most of our assets have been sold-off to foreign investors
  • We have spent tens of billions stopping a few boats, while thousands of illegals arrive by air
  • Our revenue base continues to plummet as productive taxes are slashed
  • Our children’s future is being eroded before our eyes
  • Billions in subsidies, write-offs and tax breaks are given to the already wealthy
  • Tens of thousands of jobs have been slashed
  • Whole industries have been dismantled or encouraged to collapse
  • Our leaders have put their own power before the good of the people and our nation
  • Cheap foreign imports are decimating our industries
  • Wages are stagnant or declining and job security is non-existent
  • Our air, water, land and environment is being destroyed
  • Our rights have been stripped away, piece-by-piece
  • We have been instructed to live in constant fear and to hate people who don’t look like us
  • We have given knighthoods to princes but none to hard-working Australians
  • Tens of billions have been squandered on weapons of war and futile overseas conflicts
  • Our debt has grown exponentially
  • We are paying polluters not to befoul our air and water rather than fining them
  • Our education is being privatised and made unaffordable
  • Medicare and our health system are being dismantled
  • We are now paying for services that used to be free
  • Overseas workers are taking our jobs and undermining our hard won entitlements
  • Our services are diminishing and our venerable institutions eradicated
  • Science has been ignored, debased and all but wiped-out
  • Our technology is decades behind the rest of the world, and getting worse
  • Our media reports only lies, distortions and propaganda real news is obscured
  • Trade agreements have surrendered sovereignty to multinational corporations
  • Our society is fracturing into haves and have-nots
  • The poor, the unemployed, the disabled and disadvantaged are demonised and kicked repeatedly
  • Our leaders are more concerned with partisanship that delivering a vision beyond the next election
  • Our natural wonders are dying while our government refuses to act
  • While the rest of the world embraces change, we have become more insular
  • Our cities are choking through lack of transport, yet we build more expensive private toll roads
  • Renewables are a ‘blight on the landscape’ and investment has been shredded
  • We’ve spend hundreds of millions on political witch-hunts, but we don’t need a federal ICAC
  • Privatisation means we are all paying far more for far less
  • The uber-wealthy are able to directly influence government to benefit themselves
  • Multinationals are gouging public subsidies while off-shoring their profits through tax havens
  • our economy has been run into the ground
  • and our government clearly does not care about any of us.


Just imagine how bad things will be if these ruthless, sociopathic bastards are given another three years!


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